Data Recovery Software- Well; It's Now Time for Technology to Assist you!!

Before going for the recovery of the data, follow the how it works section given here to know about data recovery process execution before investing on the tool.

Step 1

Go to Start  All Programs  Hard Drive Data Recovery. Now the home window will appear as shown below.

Step 2

There are two types of scanning options i.e.  Scan and Formatted Scan.

Step 3

Now software will start scanning, simply View complete Scanning progress report.

Step 4

View all folders in left panel after complete scanning. The tool will highlight the folder which contains data.

Step 5

Select folder from left panel and view complete data in right panel of software. It also provides Item Count.

Step 6

Now, Select those files or folder you want to recover and Click on Save to start saving selected files.

Step 7

Select the location from the Browse for Folder window that appears and then, Click on OK to start Export Process.

Step 8

The software will now start the Exporting process, wait till it completes to 100%.

Step 9

Search Option is provided to search for desired file. From the drop-down list adjacent to On, select search based upon Created, Modified and Last Access.

Step 10

Finally You can view final exported files at the destination location, As shown below.